Mining responsibly, cost effectively and efficiently have been the foundation of our success.

These have enabled us to develop a range of additional capabilities including civil engineering competencies and equipment and a comprehensively resourced, modern tech manufacturing plant for mining supplies, among others; thus capacitating us to offer more value in all projects we undertake.

The impact of these capabilities is evident in our ability to secure high value assignments across commodities and the steady track of results accomplished therein.

Underground Mining Services

  • Contract mining (stoping, development and mechanised mining)
  • Sweepings and vamping
  • Underground construction
  • Haulage maintenance
  • Blast consult services
  • Reclamation and equipping

Open Cast Mining Services

  • Top soil stripping
  • Overburden stripping
  • Coal ore mining
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dump mining and management 

Civil Services

  • Waste ore handling and dump site management
  • Ore transportation
  • Screening and crushing
  • Earth works
  • Rubble removal