We are currently operating at RBPlat’s BRPM North shaft where we provide the mine with a complete stoping service. We are responsible for doing our planning, implementation of the safety standards, mining (drill and blast), removing the blasted ore into the box holes and manning our teams.
We differentiate ourselves by strictly adhering to the mines safety standards and procedures at all times.

Our labour complement comprises of the following positions:

  • Project Director
  • Site Manager
  • Admin Manager
  • Shift Supervisor
  • HR Assistant
  • Data Capturer
  • Miners
  • Team Leaders
  • Stoping Crews D/S
  • Cleaning Crews N/S
  • Dams and Drains
  • Centre Gully Crews (D/S & N/S)
  • Mono Winch

We have so far achieved the 60 days incident-free shifts since the inception of the safety drive by the management.