Before we are an award winning mining company, we are a collective of talented and results-driven professionals whose biggest quest is to deliver best possible outcomes for all impacted by our work, directly and indirectly.

The standards we hold ourselves to, the results we produce and the impact these deliver all live in a simple creed that drives us everyday, “Performing for Impact”.


Our underlying performance drivers are Impact, Partnership, Outcome-driven Culture and Entrepreneurship. These enable us to achieve consistent results in metrics that matter.

We do not see safety as a compliance imperative, but rather as a people imperative. In our view, success is people; thus safety is success.

In pursuit of superior outcomes, quality is non-negotiable.

Cost Effectiveness
Sound economics are the foundation of profitable business endeavours. We are diligent about finding ways that minimise cost and maximise returns for our clients.

Client Experience
While delivering the best outcomes for our clients is the ultimate goal, we understand that a positive experience in getting to the goal is just as valued.

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